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Welcome to Poets of the Fall's official discussion forum! These simple instructions are made to help you get started and get along with other forum users. Please read them carefully.
  • Respect other users. Our forum has users of different ages from all over the world and from different cultures. Like you, they have their own views, opinions and values, and everyone has the right for these. But remember that it's always possible to express opinions without hurting anyone. Keep the discussion clean, and use language that younger people can read too. Keep politics and religion out of this website.
  • Don't post offensive, illegal or copyrighted material - not even links to them. Virtually all music and movies are protected by copyrights, including Poets of the Fall's music, videos and other material.
  • Before asking something, make sure your question isn't already answered on the Questions & Answers page or in the forum. Use the Search feature to find old posts - it's your friend!
  • Use Google or some other similar service. If you don't find an answer to your question from this website, it's still possible you'll find it elsewhere on the net. Don't expect to get a warm response unless you make it clear you have tried to look for the answer yourself.
  • Don't start a new topic unless there really is a need to do so. Many subjects and questions already have a dedicated topic. For example:
    ...and so on. Browse the forum, read old posts and let the Search help you!
  • Before replying to a topic, read what others have written before you in that topic. Someone might already have replied to the question you were about to ask (or asked the same question).
  • You don't have to reply something to everything. If all you have to say is "me too!", think twice if your post is really needed.
  • Post new topics in appropriate forums. For example, POTF-related stuff in the Poets of the Fall -forum, color-, font- etc. tests in Test Forum, etc.
  • Don't use subjects like "HELP!!!!!" or "I have a question!!!". Instead, use the subject of a new topic to describe the contents of the post. For example, "Help with finding the vinyl version of RR", or "Does POTF use tenor saxofones on gigs?"
  • The general language of the forum is English, but you can talk in any language in the International forum. Remember though that you don't have to start a new topic for every subject.
  • Advertising is generally forbidden. It's ok to mention your personal or band website, but if you have registered just to advertise a product, webpage, band or artist not related to POTF in any way, your post will be deleted and your account removed.
  • The best way to deal with spammers, vandals and similar cases is to simply ignore them. Don't reply to their posts! Improper posts and users are usually removed from the forum quickly, and you can always send a private message to me or one of our moderators.
  • Avatar is a small picture that appears on the left side of your posts. The maximum size of the avatar image is 120x120 pixels and 20 kilobytes. Signature appears under your every post. There is no absolute upper limit for the signature dimensions, but use your best judgement here. If the signature is often larger than your actual post, it's probably too large. If you have a picture in your signature, the filesize should be less than 50 kilobytes. Too big or improper avatars and signatures will be removed.
  • You can quote the post you are replying to. However, remember that you should quote only as much text as needed to make following the conversation easy. You don't have to quote everything, just a small portion is usually enough.
  • Respect the privacy of the band members.
  • Above all: have fun, and enjoy the good company!



The POTF Admin

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